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An Almost Wadder - Butterick 5744

I started sewing Butterick 5744 way back in January. However, when I came to attach the skirt to the bodice it looked terrible. There was too much fabric going on in the bodice and the position of the elastic made me look frumpy. 
After making various hacks here and there I still wasn't convinced. Generally my wadders go straight in the bin as I can't stand the sight of them. As I had spent so much time on the bodice I decided to just hem it and give it to the charity shop and popped it in my sewing basket for a task at a later date. However, last week I was clearing out my sewing area and I tried this dress on again and I actually quite liked it. I hemmed it and now I have a perfectly fine new dress!

I have a really lovely RTW sheer dress which is very similar in style and I absolutely love it. When this pattern came out I knew that I wanted to try it. I decided on the skirt of view A and the bodice of view B. 
I initially cut out a size 14, but I really should have cut a 12…

1 Metre Challenge/Sew-a-Long

My sewing group recently is currently holding sew-a-long and challenge to create an item using 1 metre of fabric. When this challenge came up I instantly knew that it would be the perfect excuse to sew another version of Simplicity 1884.

As I have sewed this twice before (here and here) there is not a whole lot to add. I sewed a medium, and french seamed it (of course). I lengthened the top by 1.5", similar to the second version, but forgot that the fabric is a woven and does not stretch over my hips! If I ever make the dress version of this pattern, I will definitely have to remember to do some grading out in that area. Oh well, it does give this top more of a blouson feel so I don't mind.

The fabric was picked up one day from a shop on Brick Lane in East London - I can't remember the name. Although I have spotted fabric shops towards the Aldgate end of Brick Lane, I have usually passed them when they are closed. The prices are not too shabby. I picked up this crepe typ…

May Garment of the Month

Again, I have been a keen bean with my May Garment of the Month.

Originally I had planned to make Butterick 5949 but on fitting the muslin I realised that it would need some serious alterations, so I opted for Simplicity 1810.

The fabric is a jersey picked up from Goldhawk Road. It was priced at £3.99 and this top required 1.5 metres. Those that know me outside of blogging know that I don't really like animals. However, when it comes to fabric I don't seem to mind them. Check out my squirrel dress and some of my recent fabric purchases here. Here is a close-up of the fabric, this time with birds:

The pattern itself was simple to make and didn't take very long. It has pleats at the shoulder and darts in the back for added shaping. The ties are sewn into the back darts which gives added shape when they are done up. I really like this detail although most of it is hidden by my busy fabric. 

The only thing that I don't like about this top are the facings. I'm not a hug…

Me Made May Pledge

Last year I really enjoyed seeing Me Made May happen in Blogsphere. It was great to see how everyone's handmade wardrobe was able to feature in their everyday lives.
A couple of months ago someone asked me how much of my wardrobe was made up of handsewn items and honestly I really had no idea! So this year I decided to take the plunge and pledge, despite announcing it a bit late. I'm too much of a chicken to pledge to wear an item every day, so I have modified it slightly. Here we go!
I, (Tasha Sews), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2014. I endeavour to wear four items each week for the duration of May 2014

I am going to aim to document my pledge progress at the end of the month, so check back to see how I how much I accomplished during the challenge. 
Wish me luck and Happy Sewing!