Still Here!

I am still here! I have been doing some slooooowwwww sewing whilst working on McCalls 7058. I have really enjoyed the process of making a coat, from muslin to the hand-sewn tailored buttonholes I am currently practising. 

Hopefully I will be back soon, but in the meantime I will get back to my buttonholes (they definitely need some practise). As a parting shot here is a picture of some handmade tailors clappers that were kindly made by my dad! They have been invaluable for this coat :-)

Happy sewing!

Knit V-Neck Dress

Pattern Review: Simplicity 6413 I pulled out a black knit fabric when I initially was looking at fabric for the #MakeYourStash challenge. I had the idea for simple cardigan or wrap top, but I didn't have any patterns that I felt would work best. In the end I went with Simplicity 6413 which has also been in my stash for a while!

Hilariously, you can't see any of the details of the fabric in these pictures - so I won't bore you all with too many. It was essentially a diamond textural print which was pretty was sheer, almost like lace. I am pretty sure that I picked it up from Goldhawk Road years ago. I underlined the fabric with some black stretch lining from my stash. In hindsight I wish I had underlined it with a contrast colour. You live and learn. 
I cut a size 14 all over. I cut the front on the fold and forgot to take away the additional fabric that would form part of the centre front seam. Therefore the neckline and shoulders are a bit wide for my liking. Again, you …

Black and White Birds Mini Dress

Pattern Review: Simplicity 8216 When I first tried this pattern a couple of months ago I said that I wanted to make it up in a dress. Fast forward a couple of months and here we have it!

Construction wise I did nothing differently from last time. I cut a size 14 all over. The only thing that I would be wary of is the fact that this really is a mini dress! For me it is fine with tights, but a too short to wear bare legged. For those thinking about making the dress I would definitely bear this in mind (FYI - I am 5ft 8" so a couple inches taller than average). 

When I first finished the dress, I felt that there was too much blouson happening in the back, but viewing the pictures it is fine. It is super comfy to wear and a great work dress. 
The fabric is a polyester that I picked up in the John Lewis sale earlier this year. It was reduced from £14 per metre too £7 per metre which is a bargain. I really love the print of the fabric and how the birds look like they are all flying in…

Polka Dot Mimi G Shirtdress

Pattern Review: Simplicity 8221 I snapped up quite a few Mimi G patterns back last year during a Simplicity sale and Simplicity 8221 has been in my stash waiting for the right fabric. 
The fabric used was a stretch linen look denim picked up from John Lewis during the sale for £7 per metre. It cut and sewed so beautifully, that I it did make me remember how easy it is to work with wovens sometimes. Especially after my last chiffon dress here!

I cut a size 16, and I think that it fits pretty well out of the envelope. You can see in the photo below that for next time it would be worth doing a swayback adjustment to get rid of the pooling. The line drawings of the pattern show that there there are fish eye darts in the back. However, there isn't a huge amount of shaping, which I think is why a tie belt has been included. 

To tell you the truth, I fell out of love whilst making this dress as I thought that I had made it too small on the hips. I had the right bit of ease at the waist,…

Butterfly Dress

Pattern Review: New Look 6123 & McCalls 3341 I have been wanting a simple v neck dress with an a-line skirt. I looked at purchasing a pattern, but relaised that I pretty much had all of the elements that I wanted in my existing pattern stash. I decided on combining the bodice New Look 6123 and skirt pattern McCalls 3341.

I was lucky as everything lined up really well in terms of the darts. I didn't have to move anything which was a huge bonus! The only thing I changed was to make the bodice a V-neck as I am not a huge fan of a round neck. 

The main issue I had with this dress was the fabric. Working with chiffon is not the easiest and this was a polyester chiffon that frayed like anything. I finished all of the seams on my overlocker. This pretty butterfly fabric was super cheap fabric and picked up from one of the fabric shops along Goldhawk Road. If I remember correctly is was only £3 per metre. I lined the bodice with some stretch blue lining from my stash. 

I took my time …

Cross Stitcher Bird Needle Case

Pattern Review: Cross Stitcher Bird Needle Case, May 2018 My PC is broken so I haven't been able to blog too much at the moment. In the meantime, here are a few snaps of my latest finished cross stitch project. This is a needle case from the May 2018 edition of Cross Stitcher Magazine. It was a free mini kit that came with the magazine.

I have no idea why it took me over 2 years to finish. I started it and then popped it away in my bedside table where it languished. Two weekends ago, I decided I had too many cross stitch UFOs and completed this whilst watching Saturday Kitchen.

I trimmed my felt too much, so you can see the stitching from the front. However, it is still 100% functional and I now have somewhere that I can store my cross stitch needles. A collection from my cross stitch kits had been building up in my pin cushion, so it's great that they have a home now. 

I have a bookmark that I finished at Christmas that just needs the back sewing on. I am hoping that it does…

Striped Pajamas

Pattern Review: Butterick 5432 Can you believe that I have never made pajamas! Other than my failed nightgown here this is the only other time that I have tried nightwear. It's pretty shocking considering pajamas are such a beginner pattern. Butterick 5432 is a great value pattern as it contains so many different options. 

These pajamas are a part of the #makeyourstash legacy. This fabric has been in my stash for at least 5 years! It is a soft cotton t-shirt fabric. I can't even remember where I purchased this, but it was easy to sew and the softness made it perfect for a pajama pattern!

In regards to the pattern I cut a size medium for the top and shorts. For the shorts I added on an inch to the length as I suspected that they may be a bit scandalous without it. I also graded in an inch to the top of the back pieces to account for my larger derriere. 
For the top I sewed this straight out to the envelope with no alterations and it does need a couple of tweaks. There is a bit…