Are you sick of this pattern yet..?

Pattern Review Vogue 8645

...because I am!

This was my second attempt at sewing my dress for my friend's wedding a couple of weeks ago. 
When cutting this out I accidently cut the front pieces out too short, so although I abandoned it as a dress I couldn't bear letting this fabric go to waste and sewed it up as a top. 

For those of you who don't already know this Vogue pattern (where have you been!?), this has previously been blogged about here and here. Therefore, I actually have nothing new to say about this pattern. I even look bored wearing it....

The fabric is a floral sateen that I picked up in the Christmas Sale from John Lewis. It sewed up fine, although given the thickness of the fabric I almost didn't want to line it. If I were to make this pattern as a top again in the future I would definitely take out some of the fullness, unless I was using a very floaty fabric with a better drape. 

When I realised my mistake in cutting this out, the hem of the front sat just below the crotch. However, if I shortened the back I knew that the hem would pretty much sit at the widest part of my ass (and let's face it folks, there's enough fullness going on back there as it is) so instead I graded out the length for a very subtle high-low hem effect. 

I was so bored of sewing this pattern that I wasn't very excited about having finished it, but as I am writing this blog post and looking at the pictures I think that it will be lovely for the summer and for an upcoming long weekend in France. That said, this is probably because these photographs were taken in the very rare bit of sunshine that the UK has recently experienced.

The pattern review can be found here.

My next project is Butterick 4443 in black and blue lace. It would be fab to finish before I go to France, but I am really aiming to finish it for a friend's birthday the week after. I don't often get to glam up and wear nice dresses so it's always good to have an excuse to sew something fancy every now and again.

And if it all goes wrong perhaps I can whip up another Vogue 8645...

Happy sewing everyone!


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