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Pattern Review: Vogue 9015

So making sleepwear is a first for me! 

I am pretty surprised that I have never made any pajama bottoms or anything similar before. For my first sleepwear garment I decided on a simple nightie as this is the type of sleepwear I actually sleep in. I chose Vogue 9015 - due to the see-through nature of the fabric I thought that photos on my dummy might be more appropriate. 

I purchased this fabric at a shopping trip with my sewing group. It was around £3 per metre from one of the shops on Goldhawk road (I can't remember which one). To be honest the quality of the fabric is not great. It seems to pick up the tiniest mark and it does have a very man made feel to it. 

I chose to sew view C but without the lace overlay. The pattern is easy, but does eat up a fair bit of fabric as it is cut on the bias. For some reason I had trouble attaching the bias facings. I would like to say it is because of the fabric, but really I think that I was just having an off day.

I found that there was a bit of gaping around the top of the bust area. I think that another reviewer has also mentioned this, but it is something that could be easily remedied for next time. 

I feel pretty meh about this. I expect that this is because I am not in love with the fabric. And I didn't enjoy the process of constructing this garment. I wonder if it is the same as when I sew upholstery or other items that I don't wear out of the house. Does anyone else have that?

You can view my Pattern Review here:

I have had a couple of wadders/unwearable muslins in the past months which has been a bit rubbish. On the plus side it does mean that I have been trying patterns that have been in the stash for a while, but on the downside my output has suffered. 

I have had some time off this last week so to make up for this I have sewn some basics and instant gratification items which I will post in due course. 

How has everyone else's summer sewing been going? 

Happy Sewing!


  1. I like the nighty. The good thing about things that are that you can always make it again and make it GREAT!
    I'm ready for some fall here, but the Florida weather doesn't agree! Happy Sewing!
    See me @

  2. Shame you don't like the feel of the fabric because it looks a pretty nightdress. If I have to wear night clothes then it has to be soft cotton

  3. This is such a pretty nighty. I don't think it looks 'meh' at all!


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