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Pattern Review: Vogue 9251

As the #makeyourstash challenge has been happening this May, I cut out a couple of long time stash fabrics to try some new patterns. The first one was Vogue 9251. This dress ticks 2 boxes as not only is it a #makeyourstash dress, but also my 5th #2018MakeNine garment. The fabric was purchased at The Great British Sewing Bee Live, which took place in September at the Excel in London. 

I was pretty restrained, and only picked up one piece of fabric - this floral polycotton priced at £5 for the whole lot. I was drawn to the floral print, but I hesitated when deciding what to make with it as the flowers are very directional. Whilst snooping my stash I thought that it would be perfect for a muslin for this woven wrap dress!

Despite some niggles with the bodice (listed below), I really love the style of this garment. It is flattering for my pear shape, is easy to dress up and down and fits with so many of my other wardrobe accessories. 

It was pretty windy when this was photographed...

Fit wise, I cut a size 16 and graded in 1" fabric to the top of the front bodice pieces for modesty. If I make this again (which I expect I will) I will definitely increase this. It is absolutely fine for my social life, but not work appropriate. I had read previous reviews regarding the exposure factor so I am not 100% surprised. I also should not have been so lazy and probably cut a size 14 and done a full bust adjustment. That said, I never learn, so I am pretty happy with the fit of the front bodice. 

The back bodice was a little more challenging. I had cut the back on the selvage to save fabric which turned out to be perfect as I had to take in a whopping 2" in the top of the centre back! Taking in the centre back seam is a common adjustment for me, but even I was surprised at how much was required. There is still a little excess fabric there, but not nearly as bad as when I first tested the fit. 

I really struggled to cut out my pieces with the amount of fabric I had, so the left bodice is actually pieced together with a seam down the centre front of the fabric. However, as the print is busy and the right bodice covers the majority of the seam it is barely noticeable. Once I had pressed and cut out the paper pattern I was determined be able to use this fabric for this dress!

The actual instructions are super easy and if the fit is right, this comes together easily. Technicality wise, this is definitely a Very Easy Vogue. I finished the seams on my overlocker, but if I was sewing this pattern with special fabric or for a fancy occasion I would almost certainly french seam the dress. 

One thing that I would change for next time are the inside ties. It is suggested that you use binding for the ties, but I feel that this adds a little bit of bulk. If I have enough fashion fabric I would use that, or even a small button and fabric loop/elastic. That said absolutely love this wearable muslin. I wore this out all day Sunday in London and to a friend's 30th birthday and it was super comfortable, cool (considering London was insanely humid that day) and also felt chic and feminine. 

I would tweak the bodice, but I would definitely make this again. It's great to have a woven wrap dress in the mix, especially as this has a different silhouette to the others

You can see my Pattern Review here

I have another simple dress on the sewing table, the fabric has been in my stash for 4 years!
Anyone else used some long term stash fabrics recently? And if so, didn't you feel great for it!?


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