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Pattern Review: Tree of Life by Textile Heritage

I have been busy in my sewing room these past couple of weeks, but here is a simple cross stitch project. I picked up this Textile Heritage cross stitch kit for a mere £1 from a Cancer Research UK charity shop. 

I have to admit that I stitched this in December 2017...! Once the stitching was finished it sat in a drawer waiting to be backed and finished. It was a bit of a faff as the ribbon that they supplied to back the bookmark was slightly too small. Whilst clearing out my cross stitch drawer this weekend I saw that I had collected all of the items (including some scrap card) to go inside the backing and decided to finish it! 

This is a very easy pattern and was a perfect project for travel. It's not the most exciting pattern to sew and personally I find Textile Heritage designs a bit traditional for my liking...but it was super quick and I ended up donating a small amount of money to charity in the process :-)

I have recently finished another smallish cross stitch project so let's hope it doesn't take me a year and a half to get it framed!

Anyone else guilty of doing this with their stitching projects? 


  1. I have a cushion cover that has been stitched in stops and starts for at least 5 years and probably more. It's not even half completed so a year and a half is nothing! I like the design of your book mark, traditionalist that I am.


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