Make a Garment a Month Challenge

Hello all,

As you may have noticed from my widget button I have joined the 'Make a Garment a Month' challenge or sew along.

This was actually one of my 2013 sewing goals so after some deliberation I have joined the challenge!

When you work out my average garments sewn per month in the year, I would say that it works out at a garment per month. However, when I look at the my blog archive I am definitely not producing a garment every month. I am hoping that this challenge will ensure that I make sewing part of my every day life. Even if it just selecting my next project, tacking some darts or sewing a hem. This will also make me more likely to stick to this 2013 sewing goal now that I have publicly declared it to the world. (plus if it gets to much I can leave the challenge at any time)

Sarah Liz ids facilitating the challenge, and you can find more information here.
Here are the basic rules:-

1.   The garment must be for you and not for someone else - this challenge is also about personal sewing space and your sewing needs.  This is special sewing- for- you time.

2.  Choose a garment at the beginning of the month that you want to make up as your garment of the month.  It can be from a pattern, an idea, a picture from a magazine, snoop shopping - whatever you like.  Post this choice for the month on your blog and tell everyone what pattern you are using or what choice you are making.  

3. Blog about the garment when you have finished it (and in between if you want to).  Please take a photo of yourself wearing the garment - and if you feel that you would like to, style the garment as well.  Clearly label the post "Make a Garment a Month" - my garment for "month".

So to start you off for the month of October - this is my proposed garment:-

Simplicity 2250 - Jacket with tie.

This is part of my jacket sew-a-long with my sewing group. Although it's not the most challenging pattern, I was aware that my time in the next few months is going to be limited. In addition, on my recent fabric shop to Goldhawk Road, I didn't find a jacket fabric that I loved, so I went with a simple black ponte knit. This makes the jacket more of a cardigan, but as I wear them more, I feel that it is justified. 

Do you sew as part of your daily/weekly life? Do you ever need some kind of motivation?
If yes, what things get your sewing mojo going? 

I hope to be able to share my finished jacket at the end of October.

Until then - Happy sewing and good luck to everyone taking part in the challenge!


  1. Hi Tash - that's a pretty dress, and your realistic appraisal of the time you have and the type of garment that you might be able to make is great - it's better to achieve realistic goals - that's a good way of getting the sewing mojo moving :)

    As for my sewing mojo - some days I am too tired to sew, but usually, whether I feel like it or not , I make sure I do some - that way the "feeling"happens...

  2. My sewing mojo seems to have the hiccups to be honest. It only arrives in fits and starts. But once I managed to sew just the tiniest little bit my success in doing this encourages me so much that I usually sew quite a few more steps than I expected I could.
    I find that the best motivation for me is to take part in sewing group activities, either just meeting up and talking about sewing or doing a bit of hand stitching or what have you, or taking part in workshops and events. I come away from those very inspired and as long as I have a bit of time I usually do a bit of sewing. Which leads to more...

  3. Thanks for posting that pattern. I will buy it just for that great jacket.


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