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Simple Tank #2

Pattern Review: Kwik Sew 3844  Another pattern that I had already reviewed, but there are two things about this top that excite me...
1. This fabric was £1 from the bargain bin at Simply Fabrics 2. That my finishing techniques/making the effort to to do them has really improved.
For those of you that are not familiar with this pattern this is Kwik Sew 3844, reviewed not long ago here

In terms of fit, I did nothing except sew this straight out of the envelope, cutting a size medium. As I am using a soft lightweight jersey, the drape is a tad more feminine so I didn't even pinch in the edges. I spotted this fabric in the bargain bin on a Simply Fabrics haul before the summer. I really appreciate a fabric where the pattern is on the bias. It's such a win for me. Although it's not hard to refold your fabric on a 45 degree angle, it really swallows up fabric and spits it back out in unusable pieces which makes me sad. 

As mentioned above, I am really pleased that I went the …

Summer is over!

Pattern Review: Butterick 5770 ...And I have finally sewed something.

Again I have been MIA for a couple of months. Whilst thankfully this is not because of a broken camera, but because it has been summertime and here in the UK the weather has been pretty good. I have spent most of the summertime outdoors and generally being a tourist in the city I live in. 
This has resulted in a serious lack of sewing mojo. I do blame the sunshine but I must confess this is also due to working on project that did not excite me at all.  This was Butterick 5770:

I picked up Butterick 5770 a while ago in the sales and when I found this chiffon priced at £1.65 per metre from Brixton Market I decided to try it out as a wearable muslin. 
Note to self: Don't make a muslin out of fabric you have to underline. Seriously, I don't know what I was thinking? Talk about creating extra work!

One thing to mention about this pattern is that it is sized pretty large. I cut a size 14 and I had to take the sid…