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The 'Mum' Skirt

Pattern Review - New Look 6843 So everyone, I come bearing bad sewing machine is poorly. The bobbin is jamming again, so it is at the repair shop having a service. 
However, after some tears (yes folks I cried) and a couple of days feeling rather lost, I vowed not to be defeated and even managed to squeeze out some sewing before the withdrawal symptoms became too much to bear. 
I had a lovely invitation from Giselle at The Crafty Beaded Knitter to do some sewing one afternoon, even before she knew that my sewing machine was poorly. We spent the afternoon chatting all things sewing and I sewed up view A of this simple skirt - New Look 6843

I have named it the 'Mum' skirt because everything, including the pattern I stole my mum donated to me. My mum originally sewed up this skirt in a different pattern but wasn't so keen on it, and it ended up in the UFO pile. I asked a couple of times why it was there - as she only had to hem it - and after looking at the pret…

Make a Garment a Month/Jacket Sew-a-Long

Pattern Review - Simplicity 2250 Hello all,

For the make a garment a month challenge I decided to use my jacket sew-a-long item: Simplicity 2250. I finished this earlier in the week, but I haven't had a chance to snap and blog about it. Perhaps as well as setting aside the odd 20 minutes here and there for sewing, maybe I should do the same for blogging!

As mentioned in my last post, I decided to do this simple jacket for the sew-a-long with my sewing group. The pattern itself is very simple, it is unlined, has 1 piece sleeves and has no tricky features such as a collar or facings. I would recommend this for someone who is looking at trying a jacket or sleeves for the first time.

For this project I used a heavy ponte knit fabric that I picked form Goldhawk Road priced at £5.99 per metre. It was easy to sew with and I sewed pretty much everything except the binding on the outer edge with my stretch stitch on the machine. Stretch stitch is cool, but it eats your thread. I think tha…