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Red Floral Wrap Dress

Pattern Review: Vogue 9251 As the #makeyourstash challenge has been happening this May, I cut out a couple of long time stash fabrics to try some new patterns. The first one was Vogue 9251. This dress ticks 2 boxes as not only is it a #makeyourstash dress, but also my 5th #2018MakeNine garment. The fabric was purchased at The Great British Sewing Bee Live, which took place in September at the Excel in London. 

I was pretty restrained, and only picked up one piece of fabric - this floral polycotton priced at £5 for the whole lot. I was drawn to the floral print, but I hesitated when deciding what to make with it as the flowers are very directional. Whilst snooping my stash I thought that it would be perfect for a muslin for this woven wrap dress!
Despite some niggles with the bodice (listed below), I really love the style of this garment. It is flattering for my pear shape, is easy to dress up and down and fits with so many of my other wardrobe accessories. 

Fit wise, I cut a size 16 …

Floral Linen Shirt Dress

Pattern Review: McCall's 7084  This dress has been a slow burner and feels like it has taken me ages to finish. McCall's 7084 is my 4th #2018MakeNine garment.   
One of the reasons this took so long to finish is that is that it has around 20 pieces and to top it off I decided to underline this dress. This lovely floral linen was a post-Christmas bargain from John Lewis in Oxford Street, London. It was initially priced around £18 per metre and I managed to snap up 2.5 metres reduced to £5.50 per metre. I underlined the dress with cotton lining from my stash. I didn't have enough blue lining so some patches are purple! 

The linen was only 110cm wide and I didn't have enough fabric for the undercollar and placket facing. So there are some contrast blue parts on the dress. At first I wasn't convinced it would work but I had spent so long cutting out the pieces that I persevered and I quite like it now. 
I knew that the princess seams (not that you can see them due to …

Navy Midi Skirt

Pattern Review: New Look 6346 This is my 3rd #2018MakeNine garment! I made this New Look skirt before and absolutely loved it. However, I feel that I'm not able to make the most of the skirt as the UK Summer is not always warm and dry. I knew that I would want a version that I could wear in colder weather.  

I used this floral polyester viscose print purchased from Fabricland. I picked it up in-store when visiting family in Bristol quite a while ago. I think it was around £3.99-£4.50 per metre. It was easy to work with and sew, but I wonder how it will hold up as it has been washed a few times and I have noticed that it is fading slightly. 
The buttons were picked out by my partner in Simply Fabrics. I had been struggling to find a navy button that I liked, but Alex said why not go for a mustard colour button? They were a bargin at 5p each and blend in so well with the print.

I cut a size 18 - a size up from last time as I wanted some more room to play with french seams. This ski…

Tie Bow Blouse

Pattern Review: Simplicity 8216 Hello, I am back with my 2nd of my #2018MakeNine challenge! I have a ready to wear shirt in my wardrobe with a neck tie and it is one of my most worn items. I have been on the lookout for sewing patterns to replicate it and decided to try Simplicity 8216

For this top I chose view D, but with the neck tie and minus the pocket. I cut a size 14 and made no changes except to add an inch onto the length. As mentioned in other reviews there is a pattern drafting error in the neck facing. It is annoying, but you can work round it. It is a shame as it is could easily stump beginner sewers, which is why I wouldn't class this as an 100% easy pattern. 

I bought this floral crepe fabric in the January sales in John Lewis for around £5-7 per metre (I can't remember the exact price). I snapped up a whole bunch of fabrics (12 metres in total!) that were on their 3rd price reduction.It was a dream to sew with and has a lovely drape that is perfect for this t…

Wrapping up for Easter!

Pattern Review: New Look 6456 This pattern was inspired by the #makeyourstash challenge! The aim is to promote sustainable sewing by using fabric that has been in your stash for at least 6 months and is an item that you will enjoy wearing! I have had this lovely piece of cotton in my stash for around 3 years and this challenge finally made me put it to use as a wrap skirt. 

I decided to go with New Look 6456 which has also been in my stash for a number of years. I think it cost around $8 CAN at the time and I bought 2 yards. It is quite a light cotton so I lined it with some polyester lining from my stash.

Despite having sewed a number of wrap dresses this was my first wrap skirt. I cut the knee length skirt and a size 14. I sewed it up straight out of the envelope. This is a super simple skirt and would suit a beginner and be a great way to try out sewing a buttonhole. 

When I first finished this skirt I was slightly unsure about the style and thought that I would have preferred a s…

1st #MakeNine Garment!

Pattern Review: New Look 6301 Welcome to the first make from my #2018MakeNine challenge! I wear a wrap dress at least once per week as part of my work wardrobe and knew that I wanted another one in the rotation. I sewed this one up exactly the same as my previous version here. A size 14 overall, with size 18 on the top of the bodice for modesty and I took 1" out of the centre back. I took 2" off the skirt length so it hit above the knee. 

The fabric is an ITY knit that I bought in NYC, Brooklyn in Belmont Avenue during my holiday laast year. The fabric was $4 per yard and I bought 2! I knew as soon as I saw this print that it would be  a perfect work dress and version of New Look 6301. It washed and sewed up beautifully.

I really don't have anything to add that I haven't covered in my previous reviews. However I will say that the #2018MakeNine challenge has really made me more reflective about my wardrobe needs. As someone who wears so many dresses I knew that a cap…

2018 Make Nine

Sewing Plans: 2018 Make Nine Challenge I came across the #2018MakeNine challenge and decided that it would be a great way to plan my 2018 sewing. I mulled over the 9 questions and came up with this list! The best thing is that 8 of the patterns are already in my stash!

Simplicity 8216: This is to fit my sewing gap of smart tops to wear out with jeans. This top is very similar to a RTW top that I wear all the time. The dress version is really cute too and would be a great addition to the work wardrobe. 

New Look 6301: I know that you have you seen this dress 500 times already, but it has turned into my work uniform. I already have some fabric in my stash for another wrap dress!
Vogue 9251: Yep, that's right folks. Another wrap dress but this time in a woven! I got this dress pattern for christmas and am planning on making a sleeveless version (of course)  in time for my holiday in May. I have the fabric earmarked too :-)  Butterick 6292: For the last 2 years a coat has been on my to d…

Wool Cowl Neck Dress

Pattern Review: Vogue 8667 Behold another TNT pattern - Vogue 8667. I cut this dress out back in November 2017 but didn't get round to finishing it until January 2018, during some time off between starting my new job. 
This is the 4th time I have made this dress! I have always known that I would like to add a wool version to my work wardrobe. The fabric is a wool polyester blend purchased from Classic Textiles on Goldhawk Road, priced at £8 per metre. It has been in my stash for at least two and a half years. It was easy to sew with and I still have a decent sized remnant leftover :-)

I don't have too much to add to my previous reviews. I cut a size 14 for the bodice and used my self drafted A-line skirt instead of the pleated version and I fully lined the dress with some black lining from my stash. I was glad to get this dress finished and off my dressmakers dummy. 
This dress is perfect for the colder weather that we are still experiencing here in London. It will be perfect…

Gala Dinner Dress of Yesteryear

Pattern Review: New Look 6392 This January I changed jobs! However, in my last role the company held a gala dinner in October and last minute I decided to make my dress. I wanted something that would be simple to sew but glamourous. I peered through my stash and decided to pair New Look 6392 with this fabric picked up in Boston in 2014!

I didn't get a chance to snap any photos on the night and it has been so cold that I have had to resort to indoor photos. But anyway, back to the review! The lines of the dress are really simple. It is a darted bodice with a pleated skirt. I was initially worried that the pleats would add too much action to the bum, but I feel it works with the structural drape of the fabric. 

I cut a size 14 all over and am pretty pleased with the fit. I didn't have time to do a muslin and I know that for next time I will reduce the width of the shoulders as it is a tad wide for me. You can see this in the photo above where the neckline gapes slightly. I chan…

3 Birds Bookmarks

Pattern Review: 3 Birds Bookmarks I have been suffering from a bad cold virus over the past week. I wanted to keep myself busy but didn't want to concentrate on anything complex. So I stitched up these simple bookmarks! 

These cardboard bookmarks were a lovely present from Santa. There are 8 bookmarks that come with a piece of bakers twine. In the pack there is a little booklet to help beginners who have never stitched and contain three different designs to choose from. I stitched two of the three designs. The third one is a of a house and I felt it was a bit twee for my liking. 

I initially had in mind that I wouldn't follow the patterns as these bookmarks would be to use up my leftover threads from previous cross stitch projects. However, when I looked at the patterns included I realised I pretty much had very similar colours in my stash so it worked perfectly!

This design above stitched up really quickly. As mentioned, I loved that I didn't have to concentrate heavily …

Filling out my work wardrobe

Pattern Review: New Look 6301 I still have a couple of makes from 2017 that I haven't gotten round to posting. Mostly due to being busy and the bad light in the winter.

This TNT pattern still hasn't gotten old for me! This version was made to fill a work wardrobe gap. The length is perfect to wear bare legged in the Summer or as you can see from the photo with tights and boots during the Winter.

I made this dress back in October and it has been in constant rotation in my wardrobe. The ITY knit fabric was purchased from Simply Fabrics in Brixton, London. It was a only £3 per metre and a dream to sew with!

For those of you that might not have caught my 3 other versions (here, here and here), I cut my typical size 14 for this dress. For the top of front bodice pieces (i.e. the cleavage) I cut the size 18 lines for extra coverage. I took around 1 inch from the top of the centre back. 

Despite the fabulously sunny photos this dress was finally photographed on a very chilly January…