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August Garment of the Month

It has been ages since I last posted! I have been travelling to with work to Chicago, Vancouver and Abu Dhabi and my fabric stash has grown considerably as a result. However, my sewing mojo disappeared for the month of July and August, but finally it seems to have returned.

This pattern is New Look 6049 which I have made previously here. I was keen to try this in a non-stretch fabric as I was sure that it would affect the fit. I was right and as a result this version is slightly tight across the bust. I added 2.5 inches to the length and went out to a very generous size 16 at the hips to ensure that I would have ease to walk and sit comfortably. My final adjustment was to increase the narrow shoulder adjustment I had made previously. The neckline now lies flat which is great. 

The fabric costs £3 and there was only 1 metre left when I picked it up at Nags Head Market in the Holloway area of London, close to where I live. I had originally gone to the market to get some meat from the b…