Filling out my work wardrobe

Pattern Review: New Look 6301 I still have a couple of makes from 2017 that I haven't gotten round to posting. Mostly due to being busy and the bad light in the winter.

This TNT pattern still hasn't gotten old for me! This version was made to fill a work wardrobe gap. The length is perfect to wear bare legged in the Summer or as you can see from the photo with tights and boots during the Winter.

I made this dress back in October and it has been in constant rotation in my wardrobe. The ITY knit fabric was purchased from Simply Fabrics in Brixton, London. It was a only £3 per metre and a dream to sew with!

For those of you that might not have caught my 3 other versions (here, here and here), I cut my typical size 14 for this dress. For the top of front bodice pieces (i.e. the cleavage) I cut the size 18 lines for extra coverage. I took around 1 inch from the top of the centre back. 

Despite the fabulously sunny photos this dress was finally photographed on a very chilly January…

Butterfly on Flowers

Pattern Review: Vervaco Butterfly on Flowers I seem to be storming through the cross stitch projects at the moment! Either framing ones that I finished ages ago, or in this case, finishing this year's mini cross stitch project. I purchased this Vervaco pattern when visiting one of my good friends in Germany this New Year. 

It is a really small project as it is only 3.2" x 4.8". However it does make up with it in stitches as it comes with an 18 count aida! As you can probably tell the most interesting bit of this project is the butterfly. I like the autumnal colours but they definitely dominate the project. 
This was a good portable project that went on many a train journey. It also reminded me of my really fun trip last New Year which made me smile whilst stitching. As you may have guessed from my previous posts, I do like stitching flowers and butterflies! And this projects combines the two!
This would be a good project for someone that it just past beginner in cross s…

Floral Leggings

Pattern Review: New Look 6439 I can honestly say I never imagined I'd ever sew leggings. In my head leggings were very much an item of clothing that I would be happy to buy - similar to tights, cardigans and underwear. However, after making these textured trousers here I felt that I would be willing to branch out!

Leggings are so easy to sew I am kicking myself for not trying them earlier. This leggings pattern (that I may or may not have stolen from my mum...) contains 2 pieces. No waistband required. You simply fold down the top of the leggings to encase the elastic. 
In terms of adjustments I did make a few: A quick and necessary FBA (Full Butt Adjustment). I used this great blog post from Closet Case Patterns and added 1/2" to the back leg inseam and graded in 1" to the centre back. These leggings are designed to sit just below your belly button, but I knew that I wanted them to be high waisted. I added on 2" so that they sat on my natural waist. 

The fabric wa…

Do I hear Santa...?

Pattern Review: The World of Cross Stitch Nov 1999: Christmas Table Linen Yes, this is a Christmas cross stitch pattern, but too be honest it isn't very Christmassy. It is also very far away from table linen. Behold a seasonal coaster and bookmark!
First up the bookmark. The original design was for a seasonal cake band. The design on the bookmark was to be repeated as necessary to make the length of the band. I have never used a cake band in my life, let alone a cross stitch one. Since I read a huge amount,  a bookmark seemed about right. 

This was a really enjoyable simple cross stitch, and some much needed relief after my complex cross stitched Mai. I interfaced the back of the bookmark and lined it with some cotton lining from my stash. 
The coaster was originally designed to be a candle stick holder. Urm...what? Who has a candlestick holder? Doesn't everyone just use empty wine bottles these days?? Anyway, I thought that it would work well instead as a handy coaster. 

I s…

Remnant Busting

Pattern Review: Simplicity 1370 This pattern has appeared so many times on the blog! It is a great pattern to use up fabric remnants. This fabric was stolen and used originally for a midi skirt. I had enough left to squeeze out a mini skirt!

I really don't have anything else to say about this pattern. For those new to the blog I cut a size 16. I underlined the linen with some cotton lining from my stash. I omitted the waistband due to fabric constraints and used bias binding to finish the waistband and hem. 

The print is really fun and goes with my standard black accessories. It will also work in the winter with boots and tights which is always a win!

Expect more of these on the blog until I find another TNT remnant busting pattern! This is the end of my backlog of summer sewing patterns. Time for some Autumn/Winter sewing.
In the meantime you can view my Pattern Review here
What are your preferred remnant busting patterns? 

Goodbye Summer!

Pattern Review: Vogue 8870 Summer is now well long gone here in London. However, I am sure that you are relieved as this year I have made so many summer versions of Vogue 8870. Here is the final one and I promise I will keep this review short and sweet!

This iteration was a wearable muslin to see if I could get away with drafting it as sway dress with no waist definition. I have tried sway dresses countless times and yet I never learn my lesson. With my shape a loose dress looked terrible so I hacked it in two and popped in some waist elastic like the original version suggested.

You can still see the slight pooling from my swayback, but because of of the blouson style it isn't too noticeable. The fabric is some poly viscose that I purchased from Dalston Market. It was ridiculously cheap which is why I picked it for a wearable muslin. 

I don't have too much else to cover in this review that I haven't covered in these reviews here. It has ended up being a really easy to wea…

Hawaiian Summer

Pattern Review: 8870 Behold Vogue 8870 which has made it into the TNT camp! This is now the third time that I have made this pattern and each time it has looked pretty different. That said, the first two iterations here and here are both summer dresses. For the third outing I decided to make a summer top!

This was a pretty easy alteration. I cut a medium and added 10" to the front and back bodice pieces to make a top. I graded out to account for the good old hips. On making this I realised that I could have gone down a size to account to the stretch in the fabric. 

I also omitted the back bodice elastic as it seemed unnecessary. As there was no elastic casing in the back I drafted a back facing and finished all of the seams and hems on my overlocker for a clean finish. I ended up taking in an inch on the sides so I will definitely cut a small when I make this next. 

I am so pleased with this top! It is all the small things that make this winner. For example that I love that the …