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Are you sick of this pattern yet..?

Pattern Review Vogue 8645
...because I am!

This was my second attempt at sewing my dress for my friend's wedding a couple of weeks ago.  When cutting this out I accidently cut the front pieces out too short, so although I abandoned it as a dress I couldn't bear letting this fabric go to waste and sewed it up as a top. 

For those of you who don't already know this Vogue pattern (where have you been!?), this has previously been blogged about here and here. Therefore, I actually have nothing new to say about this pattern. I even look bored wearing it....

The fabric is a floral sateen that I picked up in the Christmas Sale from John Lewis. It sewed up fine, although given the thickness of the fabric I almost didn't want to line it. If I were to make this pattern as a top again in the future I would definitely take out some of the fullness, unless I was using a very floaty fabric with a better drape. 
When I realised my mistake in cutting this out, the hem of the front sat…

Wadder #1 or Attempt #3

Pattern Review - Vogue 8645
As I mentioned in my last post I encountered numerous problems sewing a dress to wear to my friends wedding. When I picked up 3 metres of this lovely satin like fabric from Shepherd's Bush market a couple of months ago I had in my mind to sew this lovely Vogue maxi dress pattern. However, as I was trying to be creative with my cutting out the pieces and trying to stretch the fabric to meet the pattern I sadly cut out the front facing on the wrong side.
As time was short rather than try and get creative I popped it aside and decided to go for a quick and easy Vogue 8645 that I have made previously.  Of course, I stuffed up cutting this out as well by cutting out the back waayyy too short. And unless I wanted to really push the bootylicious look in perhaps a more literal way I knew that I would have to consider cutting out another dress. As my wedding suitable fabrics were on short supply I went back to my original fabric and managed to squeeze out Vogue…

Vogue 8711 - The Bootylicious Skirt

Pattern Review - Vogue 8711 So it seems as though I have been MIA these past couple of weeks. The reason for this is silly - I broke my camera on a hen-night out. So although I have been sewing I have not been able to upload any suitable proof of this!
As I was visiting the folks this weekend I forced asked my mum to take a couple of snaps of Vogue 8711 before heading out for my cousin's birthday drinks.
I have made this skirt previously (view D) in my pre-blogging days as a skirt for work in black jersey, but I have been dying to make this again with the contrast panels. I'm not sure about other sewers out there, but I generally find skirt patterns really underwhelming, so when I first saw this one a couple of years ago I had to jump on it!

I absolutely love the fit and style of this skirt and think that it flatters most shapes. It creates such a feminine silhouette either enhancing your god given curves (have you guys seen the stunning Mimi G rocking this?) or for those les…