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Festive Sewing

Pattern Review - DIY Apron Hello and Happy Holidays!
I am glad to say that I actually managed to squeeze in some un-selfish sewing this Christmas. 
Although not the most challenging project I popped out an apron as a gift for one of my mum's close friends. My mum had been procrastinating about making this for her friend for a while and had not gotten round to it. It was the 22nd December and I was scolding my mum for not whipping up this simple gift. In the end to show her how easy and quick this was I said that I would sew it for her.

Believe it or not, during by 10 years of sewing I have not sewed a single apron until now!!! I don't know what I was waiting for as this was so easy and a great piece of instant gratification.
If you have been following my blog at all or know me in the real world, you will know that I really don't enjoy sewing for other people. Mainly because I like sewing for myself as it is stress/pressure free and because it takes a while to get to know …

Mimi G Tutorial/November Garment Roundup.

Pattern Review: Mimi G 30 Minute Skirt Tutorial 
So good news, my sewing machine is fixed and healthy again.  I collected it on Thursday and was super busy until the weekend so it went untouched for a couple of days. 
I had been planning on making this freebie DIY skirt for a while, but hadn't really given too much thought to it. However, I went fabric shopping with my sewing group in Brixton a couple of weeks ago and found this striped jersey in the bargain bin in Simply Fabrics for a mere £2 per metre. In addition, when I saw the beautiful Candice at Sew My Time rocking a striped skirt I knew exactly where this fabric was going....

I ended up getting home much later than expected on Friday night so on Saturday I wasn't in the mood to concentrate and spend more than an hour sewing. To make myself feel productive (after staying in bed until 3pm!!) I popped on the soothing tones of Jill Scott to nurse my headache and sewed this up in no time. 

It did take me slightly longer th…