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1st #MakeNine Garment!

Pattern Review: New Look 6301 Welcome to the first make from my #2018MakeNine challenge! I wear a wrap dress at least once per week as part of my work wardrobe and knew that I wanted another one in the rotation. I sewed this one up exactly the same as my previous version here. A size 14 overall, with size 18 on the top of the bodice for modesty and I took 1" out of the centre back. I took 2" off the skirt length so it hit above the knee. 

The fabric is an ITY knit that I bought in NYC, Brooklyn in Belmont Avenue during my holiday laast year. The fabric was $4 per yard and I bought 2! I knew as soon as I saw this print that it would be  a perfect work dress and version of New Look 6301. It washed and sewed up beautifully.

I really don't have anything to add that I haven't covered in my previous reviews. However I will say that the #2018MakeNine challenge has really made me more reflective about my wardrobe needs. As someone who wears so many dresses I knew that a cap…