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Pattern Review - Vogue 8645

As I mentioned in my last post I encountered numerous problems sewing a dress to wear to my friends wedding. When I picked up 3 metres of this lovely satin like fabric from Shepherd's Bush market a couple of months ago I had in my mind to sew this lovely Vogue maxi dress pattern. However, as I was trying to be creative with my cutting out the pieces and trying to stretch the fabric to meet the pattern I sadly cut out the front facing on the wrong side.

As time was short rather than try and get creative I popped it aside and decided to go for a quick and easy Vogue 8645 that I have made previously.  Of course, I stuffed up cutting this out as well by cutting out the back waayyy too short. And unless I wanted to really push the bootylicious look in perhaps a more literal way I knew that I would have to consider cutting out another dress. As my wedding suitable fabrics were on short supply I went back to my original fabric and managed to squeeze out Vogue 8645. 

As I mentioned in my last review of the pattern, the dress itself doesn't have much to it and if it didn't have ties would look like a v-neck sack. However, the plus side of this is that it does means that it lets the fabric do the talking, (and it works well with my fun pink court shoes!)

I cut out a 14 and made no alterations except to shorten the dress by 4 inches. As it is not particularly  low cut I thought I might as well flash a bit of leg (I'm one or the other rather than both type of girl). I really like the shorter length, and think that it adds a more feminine feel. The fact that this dress in lined makes it very comfortable indeed. The only discomfort I felt during the wedding was the breeze that would sometimes make itself known. During the group photo there was a large bout of shrieking and trying to pull the dress down out of my face! Thank god the wedding itself took place inside. 

I am glad that this pattern has fallen into the TNT category (except when I stuff it up) and I am sure that this pattern will be used many a time in the future. There is something timeless about it. Well this is what I am telling myself as I am going to plough ahead to try and salvage my second attempt by making it into a top.

My review on Pattern Review can be found here. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. I think I like this version the best out of all three! It does indeed look great with the shoes.


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