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Pattern Review - Simplicity 2250

Hello all,

For the make a garment a month challenge I decided to use my jacket sew-a-long item: Simplicity 2250. I finished this earlier in the week, but I haven't had a chance to snap and blog about it. Perhaps as well as setting aside the odd 20 minutes here and there for sewing, maybe I should do the same for blogging!

As mentioned in my last post, I decided to do this simple jacket for the sew-a-long with my sewing group. The pattern itself is very simple, it is unlined, has 1 piece sleeves and has no tricky features such as a collar or facings. I would recommend this for someone who is looking at trying a jacket or sleeves for the first time.

For this project I used a heavy ponte knit fabric that I picked form Goldhawk Road priced at £5.99 per metre. It was easy to sew with and I sewed pretty much everything except the binding on the outer edge with my stretch stitch on the machine. Stretch stitch is cool, but it eats your thread. I think that I had to re-thread my bobbin 3 times during this project. 

October has been pretty busy so this was a satisfying project that came together really easily. I sewed  a size 14 straight out of the envelope and made no adjustments. If I were to make this again I would alter the sleeves slightly so that they are truly sitting on my shoulders. However, as this is such a casual jacket I think that I (just) get away with them as they are. I omitted the self made binding for the outer edge of the jacket as when I applied it, it looked too bulky. Instead I finished the outer edge with shop bought bias binding and just folded over like you would do for a hem.

I love that this a casual jacket that I can throw on top of everything, with jeans or over a dress or skirt even. In case you haven't had your fill of pics, here are some dummy shots.

For my November garment I am making New Look 6123. I have already cut out the dress and tacked most of the darts. I am sewing view B but without the flounces and I like the idea of the ruching. I am actually hoping to finish this before I go to Barcelona in a couple of weeks. We will see though....

You can see my Pattern Review online here.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Looks fabulous!!! You always make it sound very easy, but I have my doubts about that... Can't wait to see the dress - the pattern looks great!
    I also still haven't given up hope that you will change your mind one day and will agree to sew me a dress! :-))

  2. Haha, soon I am sure that you will be sewing your own!
    Then we can do some pattern swapping and fabric shopping together :-)

  3. Ooh! The jacket looks really, really good! I couldn't quite imagine it from the pattern envelope and not knowing the fabric. It looks lovely on you! So versatile. It really goes with anything.
    The dress is really intriguing. I'm sure it'll come out great too.

  4. You haven't seen my 'skirt' yes... I think it will take me a VERY LONG time until I am able to sew anything that I actually want to wear!

  5. Hi Tasha.. Hmm, I might just try the jacket/blazer, I was looking for something simple and easy for a blazrt

  6. love your jacket, and that black/white blouse under it , is so pretty.. Happy sewing.


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