Mimi G Tutorial/November Garment Roundup.

Pattern Review: Mimi G 30 Minute Skirt Tutorial 

So good news, my sewing machine is fixed and healthy again. 
I collected it on Thursday and was super busy until the weekend so it went untouched for a couple of days. 

I had been planning on making this freebie DIY skirt for a while, but hadn't really given too much thought to it. However, I went fabric shopping with my sewing group in Brixton a couple of weeks ago and found this striped jersey in the bargain bin in Simply Fabrics for a mere £2 per metre. In addition, when I saw the beautiful Candice at Sew My Time rocking a striped skirt I knew exactly where this fabric was going....

I ended up getting home much later than expected on Friday night so on Saturday I wasn't in the mood to concentrate and spend more than an hour sewing. To make myself feel productive (after staying in bed until 3pm!!) I popped on the soothing tones of Jill Scott to nurse my headache and sewed this up in no time. 

It did take me slightly longer than half an hour as I cut out the skirt twice and used one as an underlining. As you can tell from the photo, the stretch of the fabric is tested by my ethic backside so I thought underlining would be a safe bet against the fabric become see-through as it stretches. Other than that there are no other changes - all of the measurements for this skirt are based on your own measurements so no need for any alterations. 

I love this skirt - I know that I am definitely going to whip another couple of these to have as wardrobe staples. I went on a day trip to Oxford on Sunday and paired this with some flat boots and it was super comfy.

For any of you who are interested in Mimi's tutorials check our her website here. She has loads of free tutorials, in addition to patterns and tutorials at a small fee. 

Considering that my sewing machine has been out of action and I have been travelling a bit with work, this November I have managed to finish 2 skirts which is great. It does show that the sewing a garment per month can be done despite adverse conditions which makes me happy for this challenge going forward. Like I said in my previous post, I just need to schedule some time to be blogging!

You can check out the Pattern Review for this skirt here.

My December garment is going to be a dress for my birthday. I have chosen View A of McCall's 6695. I hope that it will turn out ok. Although there is nothing difficult in dress, it does have a bucket load of pleats, all the pieces are underlined and there are some french seams involved, so it will definitely take some time.

I have already underlined and transferred most of the markings so hopefully when I am back form a short holiday in Berlin I will be able to start sewing this up. I feel quite excited as there is a ratty bicycle currently outside our estate so I will even be able to replicate the model's pose in the lovely Borough of Hackney (if the bicycle is still there by the time I finish the dress!).

Anyway that's me. 
What are you working on for the festive season? 

Happy Sewing


  1. I love the skirt - looks really nice. Definitely something I'd wear, too.
    The dress pattern looks great, too - what kind of fabric will you be using?

    1. Thank you! :-) I have some navy chiffon with silver stars on it. It has been in my stash for ages so will be glad to use it up.

  2. Hi Natasha, the skirt turned out really nice and you also have a lovely smile. I just found Mimi on SMT website and watched her video last night.
    Have a blessed week

  3. Hi Tasha - this skirt really suits you. I'm looking forward to seeing the Birthday dress - the chiffon will not be easy to work with, so allow time for that too:)

    Enjoy your holiday...

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean about the chiffon. I have already spent a fair bit of time underlining and transferring markings. Will start sewing it all up today.

  4. Very cute Tasha, and thanks for the shout out girl!

  5. Hi Tasha, The Make a Garment a Month Challenge is moving to a new home - our very own blog. Please send me an email so I can invite you to post on this blog - my email - stylishsarah251@gmail.com


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