1st #MakeNine Garment!

Pattern Review: New Look 6301

Welcome to the first make from my #2018MakeNine challenge! I wear a wrap dress at least once per week as part of my work wardrobe and knew that I wanted another one in the rotation. I sewed this one up exactly the same as my previous version here. A size 14 overall, with size 18 on the top of the bodice for modesty and I took 1" out of the centre back. I took 2" off the skirt length so it hit above the knee. 

The fabric is an ITY knit that I bought in NYC, Brooklyn in Belmont Avenue during my holiday laast year. The fabric was $4 per yard and I bought 2! I knew as soon as I saw this print that it would be  a perfect work dress and version of New Look 6301. It washed and sewed up beautifully.

I really don't have anything to add that I haven't covered in my previous reviews. However I will say that the #2018MakeNine challenge has really made me more reflective about my wardrobe needs. As someone who wears so many dresses I knew that a capsule wardrobe wouldn't be relevant. Nevertheless, the types of dresses that I wear and what I wear them for (e.g. for work, weekends, celebrations etc) is important. 

I am much more sociable directly after work and I am likely to meet friends mid week for dinner, go to the theatre, a concert etc, that my work wardrobe is pretty much my actual wardrobe. The weather in London is never really too extreme (last couple of weeks excluded!) so I don't need winter dresses as such. A dress that is not too short, doesn't expose too much flesh and I can wear with flats is perfect for work in the summer. If at the same time it can be worn with tights and boots in the winter it is a pure win for me! 

This dress fits my work/life/seasons balance perfectly and my hope for the rest of my 2018 sewing is that it mostly follows (we all know there are sewing exceptions) this same principle. Let's see how it goes!

You can see my Pattern Review here

Anyone else been assessing their sewing wardrobe? 


  1. Wow that looks super, I love the fabric and the fit. Super on you.


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