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Pattern Review: Prima Magazine Cover Up

Continuing along the instant gratification theme I whipped up this simple open cardigan during my week off. 

This is the pattern from the January 2010 issue I stole from my mum a while ago. Here is a picture of the pattern. As it suggests it really is a quick and easy project - I sewed this up in one evening and would be a great beginner project. 

For this pattern I cut a size 14 and I did end up having to make some amendments. I graded out some of the steepness of the bottom front pieces as a styling preference. I also found that the sleeves sat way too low on my shoulders, so I removed around an inch from the top of the sleavehead and shoulders. I always wear my cardigan sleeves rolled up so it's not an issue, but the sleeves are much shorter on me than in the pattern photo. Next time I will definitely add some additional length to the sleeves. 

The fabric is a lightweight cardigan knit fabric purchased from Universal Textiles on Goldhawk Road. It cost £3 per metre which is a bargain. I have found some great gems in Universal Textiles and you can always get a great price for everything you buy there. The fabric was easy to work with and I still have a decent remnant so I am deciding what I should sew with the leftovers. 

I really like how the darts give this cover up a nice shape, especially in the back. This is such an easy wardrobe staple and is one of those patterns that lets the fabric steal the show. I am already thinking about what knit fabrics I have in my stash so I can whip up another. 

You can view my Pattern Review here.

On the sewing table is my September Garment of the Month, a modified version of Vogue 8667. After my run of wadders a few weeks ago I still want to do some comfort sewing and this fits the bill. 

What simple sewing projects have you guys been working on? 

Happy Sewing!


  1. I think your coverup looks better than the one on the pattern envelope. The style is particularly flattering in that it allows the full length from pants hem to neckline to flow in one continue column.

  2. I agree yours look way better than that photo in Prima. It's flattering and versatile too!

  3. I can see you getting loads of wear out of this, it looks stylish and comfortable. I find Prima patterns cut wide across the shoulders, in fact their fit in general is rather wide and loose. I am looking to make a knit cardigan type jacket and I know that I have this pattern in my Prima collection so, forewarned by the alterations you had to make, I might give it a go seeing how good it looks on you.

  4. The cardigan looks great on you! Right now I am sewing a simply knit top. Hope to finish soon.

  5. My comment seems to have disappeared. I love it! It looks fantastic on you, very stylish and classy! I bet that goes with pretty much anything.

    More variations of this are a great idea. You could do anything: shorter, overlapping, colour blocked, whatever. It is gorgeous!

    I started a sleeveless tunic in a pseudo denim.

  6. This is the cardigan that one makes multiples.

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