African Wax Print Jumpsuit

Pattern Review: In the Folds Jumpsuit from Peppermint Magazine

My sewing group recently hosted a sew-a-long for the jumpsuit from Peppermint Magazine. I have never made a jumpsuit and the only one that I have in my closet is stretch playsuit that I only wear on the beach as a cover-up.  I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try this FREE pattern!

The fabric used is an African wax print that I purchased last November whilst on holiday in Uganda. It was very easy to work with and I loved the pattern. I was worried it might be a bit much in a jumpsuit, but I think that it is pretty fun!

This is a really easy sew and I would definitely recommend it for beginners. The printing and cutting took almost as long as sewing up the actual pattern! It's worth noting that I treated this as a wearable muslin (so pleased as I did encounter fit issues) and finished the armholes and neckline with pre-purchased black bias binding. 

My measurements put me between an E-G (it is pretty standard to be across so many sizes when I factor in my hips). The fit along the sides worked well, but I found that the crotch curve was too small and when I bent over it went right into my butt crack! Sadly, it's not the most comfy jumpsuit to sit down in for exactly that reason. 

The fit through the sides is perfect as it is loose fit jumpsuit. I was worried that it would be too sack like, but with the tie belt it provides a good amount of waist definition. 

I am not happy with the fit issues, so sadly this went into the bag for the charity shop. I am not sure that I would make it again as I don't think the style is very me. That said, I am sure the fit issues would be easy to remedy and if I made trousers or jumpsuits often I am 100% sure I would have some routine adjustments that I wouldn't even have to think about. 

Believe it or not this is my FIRST pdf pattern that I have tackled. I can't say that I love the taping process, but it was fun to try out such a fun pattern and with my sewing group for company!

You can see my Pattern Review here

I have some more African print holiday fabrics on the sewing table so onwards and upwards!

Anyone else trying out something a tad different? 


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