Mustard Chiffon Dress

Pattern Review: Simplicity 1872 & Butterick 5744

I have finally got my sewjo back! It was the beginning of January when I posted my last garment. I started this dress back in 2018, but have only just finished it. 

This dress is a frankenpattern of  the bodice of Simplicity 1872 and the skirt from Butterick 5744, both are patterns that I have made previously. I wanted a simple silhouette and dress for this lovely floral printed chiffon. 

I initially decided to wear this dress with no elastic in the waist but it felt way too sack like for me, so I decided to pop in some elastic and it worked really well. A good amount of waist definition and yet the skirt is still floaty. 

The chiffon fabric was a gift from Alex during her first visit to New York around three years ago, and not long after we met! It was pretty difficult to work with as it frayed like crazy but was worth it! I overlocked all of the edges and underlined it with a mustard orange lining from Simply Fabrics in Brixton. 

This was one of those fabrics that I felt really scared to cut into, and I had a bit of hesitation and worry during the project that it would not work out. I expect that this is partly why I was struggling to finish this project.

Work has been crazy, and there is no chance of it letting up until mid May, so I am just embracing the fact that my sewjo might not return until then!

You can see my Pattern Review here.

I am so pleased that my sewjo is back and I have a new dress in my wardrobe. I also listened to the Love to Sew podcast on How to Get Your Sewjo Back which also reminded me that often the hardest thing is sitting down at your machine which for me was true.

I have cut out another simple dress that fingers crossed I can finish before my work trip, however I am not putting any additional pressure on myself!


  1. Lovely dress. Chiffon can be a challenge to sew, but so worth it when makes a beautiful garment like this. I have been looking for a dress pattern for a sleeveless top with V neck and gathering at shoulder. Glad I saw your post. Don't you hate it when work interferes with your sewing!


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