New Curtains!

So I am no longer a curtain virgin!
For some reason I was stressing that it would be really complicated. (probably because I didn't have a pattern to fall back on) But once I had figured out the measurements required it was really easy. I didn't tack or baste anything, just pinned and sewed.
The lighting in our living room is not the best, but here are some pictures anyway:- 

The fabric is a heavy satin upholstery fabric, purchased from Simply Fabrics in Brixton for £6/metre. I lined the curtains with some kind of heavy cotton polyester mix for £2.

These curtains definitely help to keep out some of the draft that comes in through the large bay window. When these curtains are drawn and our log fire is going, the living room is so cosy!

Couldn't resist a tourist shot

Other sewing news is that my machine is poorly. So it's being repaired this week. Something is catching around the bobbin area and it causes everything to get jammed. It's booked in for a service, so hopefully it will be fine. The man in the repair shop asked me when it had last been serviced, and I had to bow my head in shame as I have had my machine for over 4 years and never had it serviced. Isn't that terrible?

I currently have Vogue 1189 on the sewing table and I can't wait to get my machine back so that I can crack on with it.

I am sewing this in black jersey. I think that with some tights and boots this will be a nice winter dress.

Happy sewing everyone!


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