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Pattern Review - Butterick 4443

I wore this last weekend to celebrate my godmother's birthday. It was great to catch-up with family and the weather was fab. I was planning to wear this the following weekend, but my sewing mojo needing relieving and out popped this:-

Butterick 4443 is another one pattern where the line drawings and pattern reviews led me to purchase as opposed to the envelope picture. I was attracted to the simple bodice variations, but was worried by the slightly 'mumsy' looking model with the ill fitted gaping neckline.....


I feel pretty pleased with how this dress turned out, although I did spend alot of time perfecting the fit. I really shouldn't say 'perfecting' as (of course) I didn't bother to do an FBA. I cut a size 14 - the skirt was full enough at the hips so I didn't have to grade out to a 16. I took approximately 2.5" off the front and back at the waistline, and graded the seams out as they went up the bust. The only other alteration is the obvious shortening of the skirt. 

The easiness of the pattern definitely makes up for the amount spent on fit. The construction method is very straightforward and standard. As the dress has princess seams this makes it very easy to fit as you go along. As per my simple tank top the simple lines allow the fabric to be the star of the show and I absolutely love the way the skirt falls on this dress. 

In case you missed the last post, this fabric was purchased from Fabricland at £3.99 per metre. For those of you based in the UK this is a steal, as it the lace is already underlined. The bodice is lined with some lining from my mum's stash. Originally I cut out the lining for the skirt, however as the fabric has a bit of stretch  I was worried that it would fall strangely, therefore I omitted it. 

I would be very happy to sew this again - in fact I have some other satin like fabric sat in my stash that has this pattern's name on it!

My Pattern Review can be found here

Happy Sewing!


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