Polka Dot Sheath Dress/February Garment

I have been super keen with my February Garment and finished this at the beginning of the month.
As mentioned in my last post, I opted to try out a sheath dress and created this wearable muslin using Simplicity 2146.

There is not much to say about this, it came together very quickly. I pinned and basted all of the 5 pieces together and sewed them all at the same time. I cut a size 14 and tapered it in underneath the bust and around the waist. Looking back on this I definitely should have graded the hips out to a 16 as it is crazy tight across my hips. Truth be told this doesn't make it the comfiest dress and I pretty much have to hitch it up to be able to sit down or bend over. 

However I am glad that I made this dress. It was a learning curve as to what my figure can get away with. If I were to make this again I would think more closely about my fabric choice, (fine though as this was a wearable muslin). I also think that my curves need some more shaping and interest to make this dress exciting, something similar to my January Garment. Although it does pull in at the waist, it does nothing for my bust area, making my bad boys look rather small :-( 

The fabric is some polka dot cotton/poly blend that I bought whilst on holiday in Paris from the fabric mecca around the Sacre Coeur . It came pre-cut as a 3 metres for 10 euros. It was really easy to sew with and holds it's shape really well. As I have so much left I think that I will probably use it to make a mini skirt or something similar. I lined this with lining from my stash, from Simply Fabrics in Brixton priced at £1 per metre. This dress is too snug to get on my tailors dummy so no shots of the inside I am afraid. 

Having taken pictures, I like the look of the dress more. I think that it's a style that I am not used to wearing, although I do get the feeling that this dress makes me look 46 rather than 26. I will leave it in my wardrobe and see how I feel about in a couple of weeks. If I am not that fond of it I will send it to the charity shop. 

However, I did get some fun shots with my friend's new scooter. This is definitely a step up from the bicycle shot here.

And another.....Who knows which vehicular prop will feature next in my sewing blog. Watch this space!

This dress is really easy and suitable for a beginner, so although I have no immediate plans to make this again it could be a quick sew that I come back to in the future. You can check out my review on Pattern Review here.

My March project is a Winter/Spring transitional garment - McCall's 6209. It will be great to have something a bit different in my wardrobe as I only have a winter coat or a light jacket that I wear in the summer. I am travelling a fair bit and will have a lot on at work in March so it terms of the sew-a-garment per month this will fit in pretty easily.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Cute! Looking forward to your March choice.

  2. Not as exciting as your January dress, this one kind of hits the 'serviceable', can be worn when nothing else is to hand, kind of dress? It would be good for workwear, not sure if you would want to wear it though.
    I wonder how it washes?
    If you made it again: I wonder how a different neckline would change the look? Say a deeper V with some kind of ruffle edge peaking out from underneath? Something like that... Or you could do a very severe LBD with a high, tight jewel neckline? That could look quite elegant.
    I love the look of your March project! I want one of those!

    1. Yeah - I know what you mean about serviceable. I have a work trip coming up in March, so I think that it will be a good one for that. If I were to make this again I would definitely make it with a deeper V and I quite like the jeweled view on the pattern envelope.

    2. That sounds great!
      Coming together very quickly is a recommendation for a project - sometimes you just want to get it done quickly. A fabric in a different pattern and colour could also make quite a difference.

  3. Wow, it's a really great fitting dress, and a great shape to start with. Even if you feel the fitting isn't perfect, it's pretty damn close!


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