Skirt Sew-a-Long: Completed Project

Pattern Review: Vogue 8711

My sewing group ran a skirt sew-a-long through February and March. I picked an oldie but a goody, Vogue 8711. I absolutely love this pattern and have made it twice before, once in my blogging lifetime here.

You might recognise this fabric from my last tank top but for those of you not up to speed, this jersey was purchased from Simply Fabrics in Brixton priced at £2 per metre. 

I sewed this straight out of the envelope, cutting a size 16. The only minor alteration was that I reduced the waist elastic to ensure that waistband was snug enough. This fabric is thinner than the jersey that I used for my last skirt so it definitely falls differently. This fabric clings less, which isn't a good or bad thing, just different.

I have one other confession to make which is that I didn't trim the seams back enough when sewing this. The lovely Giselle photographed this for me a couple of weeks ago, but when I looked at the photos on my computer I could see all of the bulk underneath showing through! So I carefully re-trimmed the seams and I think that these pictures look so much better. This taught me two lessons: Firstly not to be lazy and try and cut corners and secondly how important photographs are in the sewing process. In fact I think that it is something that I will take advantage of more during my sewing meetups, and is a great activity to do with fellow sewers. 

You can see my Pattern Review of this skirt here

My next Sew-a-Long with my sewing group is stash busting themed - to sew a simple item with one metre of fabric that has been in your stash. I have some fabric that I picked up from Brick Lane that would be perfect for another version of Simplicity 1884.

Anyone else taking part in any sew-a-longs? I have seen some fun other ones in the Blogsphere at the moment. Has anything caught your fancy?

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love this skirt on you! I seriously need to get to this pattern..

  2. I really love your point about photography. Things I don't notice or disregard when looking in the mirror become really obvious when look at photos. Great skirt, too!

  3. Very cute. Great finish. :)


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