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Pattern Review - New Look 6123

I have been in stash-busting mode recently and knocked up another version of New Look 6123. You can see my previous version here. I love that ponte knit makes you feel as though you are wearing pyjamas, and so coming into the colder months I can see a ponte knits having a large presence in my life. Especially being sat at work when it is dark outside!

This teal ponte knit has been in my stash for a while and I knew that it would be perfect for this pattern. I picked this up from Fabricland during a trip to Bristol. Fabricland do a great selection of basic ponte knits for £3.99 per metre. When I wore this to work this week I had lots of comments on how lovely the colour is. Interestingly it looks less blue and more green in real life. 

In true creative style I made the same view as last time - cutting a size 14 all over, and made the same adjustment to take out 2" at the top of the centre back. I graded this out to nothing where the zip hits my bra strap. This seems to be a common adjustment these days and looking at the photos I half wonder if this is due to my terrible posture!

I graded in some additional height on the bodice pieces. My last dress is pretty heavy on the cleavage, so if I wear it to work I tend to wear a strap top underneath. I was looking to avoid that with this version. I added 2.5" to the skirt so it fell below the knee and pegged it a touch more so that the fabric recovers from the width of my hips. 

Despite this dress being very figure hugging and showing every lump and bump, for some reason it doesn't make me feel self-concious. I expect that this is due to how comfortable the fabric is, or maybe that sewing tends to encourage a body awareness that is liberating. 

Either way, the fact of the matter is that I LOVE this dress. Is it wrong that I have some more ponte knit in my stash already earmarked for this pattern??

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't labelled this as my October garment of the month. I finished this dress before the start of October and I have a new dress waiting to be hemmed that is a much better fit with the October theme. Watch this space!

You can view my Pattern Review here. 

Is anyone else currently having a love affair with ponte knits? 

Happy Sewing!


  1. This is a beautiful pattern for you and the teal is a nice color. I understand what you mean about the color as my pieces are showing blue as well. This is a great pattern for you and there is nothing wrong with repeating something that one enjoys.

  2. It's a beautiful dress. You look gorgeous!

  3. I love it! And yes, definitely looks more green in real life.
    Definitely want to get more ponte knit, too - my blue dress was so easy to make! But still have a pile of fabric to get through first...

  4. Love it! So flattering. My family live in Bristol and I raided it for ponte last time I was there! Wish I had seen this one!

  5. This is gorgeous! Suits you tremendously well. I'm not astonished that you picked up lots of ponte knits. It's a great idea to sew the same pattern again. And you're not using the exact same colour so another version is not going to be the same!

    I love what you said about sewing and body awareness. I think that once we manage to sew clothes that fit, those clothes are so much more comfortable and feel almost luxurious to wear. And becoming more aware of our shape could feed into being comfortable within yourself generally. I think it's an intriguing thought that I'll try to consider when I sew my next few projects. Thank you!

  6. This dress is so lovely on you - the fit and the colour. Great job!

  7. Lovely dress. Looks great on you. I must get some ponte. I've never bought any but was given some fabric that I think may be ponte. Not sure. I might buy some from the same place as you - they do mail order I believe.

  8. Love this dress on you the colour, style and fit look great


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