Palazzo Pants

Pattern Review: Palazzo Pants Tutorial by Pinkchocolatebreak

Hello! Well my sewing mojo is well and truly back as here I am with another pattern review. This time with a DIY Palazzo Pants tutorial. 

I have a pair of super comfortable RTW pajamas that are like this and they are so great to lounge around the house with (in fact I rarely wear them to bed!) that I have been on the lookout for a Palazzo Pants tutorial. The tutorial says that they take 20 minutes. I am a slow seamstress so it took me 1.5 hours at a very leisurely pace from start to finish. 

There are a number of tutorials online but the one that I went with is by Pinkchocolatebreak. You need an existing pair of pajamas or pants to do this. I used a pair of slim legged tracksuit bottoms rather than pajamas and it worked out fine. I ended up having to take an inch in at the waist but other than that I had no other alterations. I didn't do any finishing on my seams as I was testing this tutorial but next time I would finish them with my overlock stitch. As I didn't want my pants any shorter I just turned up the bottoms and zig-zagged them. 

I do like the option to make the waistband the size that you want and as these pants are made from a stretch jersey the fit is pretty good and hugs you at the right places. Its worth mentioning that Pinkchocolatebreak has a number of fun tutorials but I think that nearly all of them are made from stretch fabrics so that there is less fitting involved. 

The fabric is a print jersey that I purchased from Simply Fabrics in Brixton for £3 per metre. The fabrics sewed up fine. I don't think that it is amazing quality and I suspect that the fabric may fade a little over time. However for these house pants it works really well and they are super comfortable. I am wearing them right now as I write this review!

You can see my Pattern Review here.

This is great no-pattern instant gratification and I sure that I will make these again!
Anyone else been sewing some speedy DIY tutorials? 

Happy Sewing


  1. They look very comfy! And such a quick sew! Amazing.

    Suggesting that it can take as little as 20 minutes strikes me as more than unrealistic - the only way you could make a garment in that time would be out of a tube of fabric by turning the top and bottom hem over, stitching down to make a skirt! Everything else takes longer to sew...

    I did actually draw up the pattern for a mini skirt on a recent weekend and quickly sewed it up. Then I needed lots longer to undo the uneven hem, ahem, but at least I got there!


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