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Pattern Review: Simplicity 1370 & 1167

I have an absence of wardrobe classics at the moment, particularly black tops. I picked up Mimi G's Simplicity 1167 pattern on sale last year and decided to try out the high-low tank top. The high low feature makes it a bit different to a normal tank top and is very on trend. The fabric is a stretch jersey crepe. I am pretty sure that I picked this up at a London market although I can't remember which one! 

I found that I really liked the shape of the tank of top. It has a good amount of shaping throughout the waist which works for me. I found that the armbands and neckbands are too small for the top. I used stated amount of seam allowances but you can see from the creases that there is too much fabric in there. That said it would be easy enough to fix for next time. 

You can see below that I will need to do a swayback adjustment. Although there are lots of issues with this top I do like it. It was a very quick make, the overall shape works well and the fabric is very comfy. I am thinking of this as a wearable muslin. I cut a size 16 and the relaxed fit works well for me. 

For me, basic items can be harder to perfect. They tend to highlight any fit issues in a very obvious way and you can constantly be tweaking them here and there. A perfect fit tank top would be great but I have a way to go. When I make this again (which I am planning to do) I will play with the arm and neck bands to see if I can get them to sit better. 

Lastly I noticed that I hadn't reviewed this iteration of Simplicity 1370 which I have made already here. It is a great wardrobe basic! The fabric is some quilting cotton that I purchased on a work trip to Boston. I initially made a dress out of it which turned out to be a huge wadder but I had enough left to squeeze out a mini skirt and it is in frequent rotation in the work wardrobe, 

You can see my Pattern Review here.

Anyone else making wardrobe basics at the moment? 


  1. I believe I have this same exact top pattern, though I did not recognize it at first, lol! I like the hi-lo hem feature too, and will have to revisit this one for summer. I look forward to seeing what you do with the neckbands on your next version.

  2. The tank top looks really great with the skirt!

    I am with you on wanting to achieve a great fit for wardrobe basics and running into fitting issues like the swayback adjustment which I still haven't perfected. Bit of a sore point that, gah.


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