Gala Dinner Dress of Yesteryear

Pattern Review: New Look 6392

This January I changed jobs! However, in my last role the company held a gala dinner in October and last minute I decided to make my dress. I wanted something that would be simple to sew but glamourous. I peered through my stash and decided to pair New Look 6392 with this fabric picked up in Boston in 2014!

I didn't get a chance to snap any photos on the night and it has been so cold that I have had to resort to indoor photos. But anyway, back to the review! The lines of the dress are really simple. It is a darted bodice with a pleated skirt. I was initially worried that the pleats would add too much action to the bum, but I feel it works with the structural drape of the fabric. 

I cut a size 14 all over and am pretty pleased with the fit. I didn't have time to do a muslin and I know that for next time I will reduce the width of the shoulders as it is a tad wide for me. You can see this in the photo above where the neckline gapes slightly. I changed the neckline to be a V neck as I felt it was too high and it also reduced the gaping. The dress is an easy sew, however, as it was an evening dress I took my time and extra care to be accurate on any markings. 

The fabric is the real star of the show here. It was a bargain at $6.98 per yard from Winmil Fabrics, Boston, USA which has sadly now closed down. It was straightforward to work with, the only slight difficulty was that it frayed somewhat. I lined the bodice and finished the skirt seams on my overlocker to avoid additional weight in the dress. 

This was a great last minute make that fit the bill. I felt the part during the evening and the whole outfit cost less than £15!

You can see my Pattern Review here

Anyone else made any bargains in recently? Or in my case not so recently!


  1. Your dress is lovely!! I think the fabric and design fits you perfectly!!

  2. I truly thought this was lace. It is lovely and looks beautiful on you.

    1. Yes! It is really effective to have the contrast of the black lace with the gold satin.


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