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Pattern Review: Butterick 5432

Can you believe that I have never made pajamas! Other than my failed nightgown here this is the only other time that I have tried nightwear. It's pretty shocking considering pajamas are such a beginner pattern. Butterick 5432 is a great value pattern as it contains so many different options. 

These pajamas are a part of the #makeyourstash legacy. This fabric has been in my stash for at least 5 years! It is a soft cotton t-shirt fabric. I can't even remember where I purchased this, but it was easy to sew and the softness made it perfect for a pajama pattern!

In regards to the pattern I cut a size medium for the top and shorts. For the shorts I added on an inch to the length as I suspected that they may be a bit scandalous without it. I also graded in an inch to the top of the back pieces to account for my larger derriere. 

For the top I sewed this straight out to the envelope with no alterations and it does need a couple of tweaks. There is a bit of excess fabric above the bust to the shoulder and it does need a swayback adjustment. Interestingly, the instructions suggest a narrow hem is used to finish the armholes on the neckline and armholes. For other views, the instructions suggest using binding, but not for the vest. 

Despite the vest needing some alterations, I am so pleased that this stash fabric has been put to good use! I rarely wear pajamas to bed (I prefer a nightie as I get so warm), but these are more to lounge around the house and also to wear on holiday. 

The shorts are so comfortable and practical that I will definitely make a second iteration! The fact that I look like a prison convict is an additional bonus for me!

You can view my Pattern Review here

June has been a surprisingly busy month for me, so I am really pleased that I managed to finish this simple project. I have a dress that I cut out on my sewing table from a fabric that has been in my stash for at least 3 years!

Anyone else experiencing 'legacy' projects from the #makeyourstash challenge? 
I am loving how it has made me re-evaluate my long time stash fabrics!


  1. Nice PJs!! Looking very comfy, great fabric choice :)

  2. I love making loungewear and pjs! These look really good and not like prison garb at all! :-)

  3. Cute Pjs! I can understand never making any before. I have made some for my kids, but don't think I have ventured into a pair for myself before.


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