Knit V-Neck Dress

Pattern Review: Simplicity 6413

I pulled out a black knit fabric when I initially was looking at fabric for the #MakeYourStash challenge. I had the idea for simple cardigan or wrap top, but I didn't have any patterns that I felt would work best. In the end I went with Simplicity 6413 which has also been in my stash for a while!

Hilariously, you can't see any of the details of the fabric in these pictures - so I won't bore you all with too many. It was essentially a diamond textural print which was pretty was sheer, almost like lace. I am pretty sure that I picked it up from Goldhawk Road years ago. I underlined the fabric with some black stretch lining from my stash. In hindsight I wish I had underlined it with a contrast colour. You live and learn. 

I cut a size 14 all over. I cut the front on the fold and forgot to take away the additional fabric that would form part of the centre front seam. Therefore the neckline and shoulders are a bit wide for my liking. Again, you live and learn right? 

This is a quick and easy sew. I have an ITY knit in my stash that I am considering trying for the jumpsuit! The sleeves are a fun feature of the dress and make it a bit different. 

When I finished this dress I really wasn't fussed about it (I think it it is due the sleeves!), but styled for work I think that it could be a good staple. However, I am undecided if I need to take in the neckline. If I have not worn it by the end of the month I have decided to pop it into the repair pile. 

You can see my Pattern Review here

Anyone else sitting on the fence about some recent sewing makes? 


  1. This is really cute and in the photo from the back, you can kind of tell that the fashion fabric is very light/somewhat sheer.

    I feel like I could own 10 variation of a black dress so love this!

    I always(!!) have a string of hits then one thing that "should" work well, does not.

    1. Thank you! You always post such encouraging comments. I reflected since writing this blog post and I think I will take the neckline in so I will enjoy wearing it more.

  2. I think the dress looks so good the way you styled it! You look great!


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