Pattern Review - McCalls 6503

I have had this fabric in my stash for ages and not known what to do with it, as it is pretty stiff and wouldn't have much drape. When I bought this McCalls pattern here. I thought it would be a good match and at least provide me with a wearable muslin. The only downside is that the busy fabric hides alot of the nice details.

Front View

I am actually pretty happy with how this turned out - I was worried that the pleats in the back would make my bum look like a shelf, but the pleats are actually quite flattering. Although the result is more retro than originally intended.

Back View

Even though I cut my usually size 14, I had to take in the bodice LOADS! And I mean huge!Originally when I was cutting this out I thought I was been pretty risky in not either cutting out a bigger bodice or doing a FBA. However, I ended up deepening the darts in the back and taking 2 inches in on each side. As a result the midriff is super fitted and I had to deepen the armholes.

Conclusion - I would definitely recommend this pattern as I think it would work well in a variety of fabrics and it's a cute addition to my wardrobe. I think I should embrace the retro look and pop on some bright red lippy and some court shoes!

You can find my review on Pattern Review here.


  1. Welcome to blogspot! And what a great idea- I've been thinking recently about getting into sewing and you could just be my inspiration!
    looking forward to reading more x

  2. Hmm I already posted a comment but it seems to have disappeared.
    Anyway- great idea for a blog Tash and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations! x

  3. I love this tash! So happy to be reading your blog xxxx


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