Happy New Year!

Pattern Review - New Look 6933

I cut this out before Christmas and managed to finish it this weekend.

I have made this pattern before as a dress. However, I decided try it out as a top. This time I omitted the pleats in the skirt. I like it without the pleats but the downside is that it is a bit big around the waist and tight around the hips. 

Front View

The fabric is from my stash and was purchased years ago from Shepherd's Bush market. I lined and underlined the top with red lining that I had in my stash from Fabricland. 

Back View 

As you can see it gapes slightly at the back and the front. I think that I could probably get away with cutting a 12 rather than a 14, but I was initially worried that there wouldn't be enough room in the bust. 

Side View

Overall I am a bit disappointed with the fit, but considering I already had all of the fabric and pattern in my stash I don't really feel as though I have lost anything and I will definitely wear this (I always need tops right!) 

I also now know that when I next make this I will either add back in the pleats or grade out to a 16 on the hips. The bad fit on this is my own fault for not making a muslin rather than the pattern.

My review on Pattern Review can be seen here.

Next on the sewing table is Simplicity 1884. I have never sewed this type of neckline before, but it doesn't look too complex. Hopefully it will be another nice top to add to my wardrobe and maybe a bit of instant gratification too!

I am looking forward to sewing in 2013. Last year my main sewing resolution was to sew at least 1 garment per month, which I succeeded in doing. Although I would say that I only wear around 65% of the things I sewed regularly. I am going to aim for the same this year. I would also like to try a smart jacket. It will be a challenge and so I am going to have a go at having more than one project on the go at once. This will mean I won't feel disheartened if a project is taking ages, and it will also give me something to take to my sewing group. 

Happy Sewing in 2013 Everyone!


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