2013 Sewing Year in Review

I know I am super late with this kind of post, but I thought that it would be really important for me to do this process. This is one of the reasons I decided to create a blog, so that I can look back and reference what I have made.

One of the great things that I can see is that my sewing has definitely improved over the year. At the beginning of 2013 I resolved to do a couple of things, for example to make more muslins, to really take time over fit and matching seams etc and I think that this is apparent in my finished garments.

Anyway here are my best and worst of 2013.
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Best/Most Worn

This has to be one of my most worn items that I have sewn. I wear it to work, out in the day and also dress it with heels if I am heading out in the evening. The pattern itself is just a standard tank, but I think that my fabric choice for this top is what makes it such a versatile piece in my wardrobe. 

Another one of my most worn, for the same reasons above with the addition of how I feel it flatters my lady lumps. Some patterns/garments make me feel so feminine and are a pleasure to wear and this little skirt is one of them. I have some animal print fabric in my stash for another one of these.

This is one where it is all about the fabric for this dress. The pattern itself is very basic, but this is a great floaty dress for the summer and keeps me lovely and cool. Interestingly this pattern features on my best and worst of the year.

This was a dress where everything worked. The fit, the fabric, the pattern and I really enjoyed making it. I adore the way this dress looks on the inside as well as the outside. Win. Win. Win. 

Another day to evening top. The fabric is so lovely and this is the garment that made me fall in love with french seams like nothing else. If I am making an unlined garment and I come to the realisation that a french seam would not be my best option it makes me a tad sad inside.

Worst/Not Worn of 2013

Never worn. This is just bad fit/alterations on my part. I have made this before here and it was great. Serves me right for tinkering with a perfectly good pattern. This is going to the charity shop. 

Although I like the dress in principle it's just too mumsy. I prefer my version above which is shorter and with less fullness in the skirt.

There is a part of me that says that I shouldn't count this as it was planned to be a wearable muslin, but it's a never worn, so it deserves to go on the list. I really did not like the way the pattern was drafted so both the top and the pattern are charity shop bound. 

Looking back on my sewing year, I made a total of 20 items, which is great as I had been aiming at 1 item per month. I think that the quality of the items I have made and my enjoyment gained from making and wearing them has increased month on month: most of my wadders above were made towards the beginning of the year. 

Most Valuable things I have learned in 2013?

  • A little sewing and often goes a long way! 
Never underestimate how much you can achieve in 10, 20 or 30 minutes of sewing. Every now and again I love to shut myself away with my sewing machine for some indulgent sewing weekends, but in reality life doesn't allow me to do that too often. Therefore I really value the snippets of sewing that I get done during the week, which allows me valuable time to switch off from work, the world and most importantly, a computer screen.

  • I love hand-picked zippers!
Ok, ok , so I did this at the very end of 2013, but I have fallen in love with them and I can't wait until I am so much better at sewing them. To be honest I am not a strong hand sewer, so this is a real achievement for me, and again something that I have enjoyed more and more in 2013. This is partly because ....

  • My sewing group rock!
In 2012 one of my friends suggested why not join a sewing group. It was a great idea and I have never looked back. I have met some lovely people, visited some excellent places and exhibitions and it is great to sit and sew for a couple of evenings a month chatting all things sewing and eating delicious food. It makes me feel as though everything is right in the world. 

Aims for 2014?

  1. Continue with the Make a Garment a Month Challenge.
  2. Enrol on some kind of sewing course or workshop - I would love to do a tailoring course, but we will see what pops up. 
  3. Stop being a chicken and tackle more of the designer patterns that are lurking in my stash. 

How was your sewing year? And do you have any lessons learned or aims for 2014?

Happy sewing!


  1. As you know I LOVE all of your stuff, but out of the above, my favourites are the dress (Vogue 8725) and the top (Simplicity 1884)

    And I think you should add this to your aims for this year:
    4) Get over it and sew something for ME!
    (I don't give up easily! ;-) )

    1. Thanks :-)

      You will totally be sewing your own stuff in no time, so soon I may be the one asking for requests!

  2. Loving the cute image of you at your sewing group! Seeing all the pictures in one go proves to me how talented you are girl. And 20 in one year! Amazing.
    My sewing goals for the year... Consider moving on from something slightly harder than cross stitch :)

    1. Can't tell you how much I love my sewing group :-) Seriously, when it comes to New Years resolutions, it's all about setting the bar low so you can feel great about yourself when you achieve them!


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