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Pattern Review: Flo-Jo Boutique Eye Mask Making Kit

Despite having lots of dresses cut out and on my sewing table I didn't have much in the way of hand-stitching to take along to this month's sewing group meetup. This inspired me to sew up the Flo-Jo Boutique eye mask making kit and did this in two leisurely hours whilst chatting and drinking tea!

The kit comes with everything you need except scissors. This includes fabric, pattern, instructions, pins, needle and thread. The instructions are very easy to follow and everything is sewn by hand, no need at all for a sewing machine. My only (and extremely trivial) dislike was that I felt the needle provided was too large for the types of fabric being used. Anyone with any sewing supplies will be able to substitute this, but I did feel that the needle was really quite thick. 

Image courtesy of Flo-jo Boutique

I am delighted with how this turned out. I use eye masks all the time at home, and especially when I travel so I know it will get used. This kit was a Christmas present from a good friend that has seen me sleep in them many a time as well as knowing my love for sewing. 

Another reason this is such a great present is because it is not something that I would ever buy for myself. I hardly ever buy Liberty fabric, but to have it as an eye mask feels very luxurious. Lastly it is great that once you have made it you can reuse the pattern again and again. 

One lady at my sewing group commented how I could make it up again and give them as presents. Given my track record of sewing for other people I doubt I will ever do this, but it is actually a great idea! However it is a great way of using up scraps of fabric. Particularly if you have a cherished fabric and would like a keepsake.

Anyone received any sewing presents this year? And more importantly have you sewed these up? 

Happy sewing!


  1. The bit about sewing for other people made me laugh out loud! ;-) And a good reminder that I still have the knicker set from you. Currently waiting for my sewing mojo to return...

  2. This is an amazing eye mask making kit. I will makeblepharitis mask for my eyes by using this kit.


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