Using up a long cherished fabric

Pattern Review - New Look 6459 

I am back with another project. This one is pretty belated as I made this dress for a sew-a-long with my sewing group back in April. The theme was to use a fabric that had been in your stash for way too long. 

I picked this cotton that has been in my stash for around 5 years. I purchased this on holiday in France from Toto Fabrics in Poitiers at the price of 5 euros per metre and I lined this dress with lining from Simply Fabrics priced at £1 per metre. 

I decided on a simple dress - New Look 6459 (now out of print). I made this over ten years ago and knew that I would have to tweak the fit. I cut a size 14 and added 1" to the top of the bust for modesty and added 1 cm to the bottom of the bust. I have to say I don't love the fit. It is a bit snug across the bust and I still think that it could do with a tad more length. The hips are a bit tight too so I would grade out to a size 16 on the hips next time. 

This dress is being classed as a wadder as although there is not too much wrong with it, I just don't find it all that comfortable and never wear it. That said I am still pretty satisfied that I got through another fabric in my stash. This dress if off to the charity shop and I am sure that there will be someone out there that will like it more than me. 

You can see my Pattern Review here.

What do you do with your finished wadders? Do you keep them?

Happy Sewing!


  1. What a shame that you didn't wear it, it looks so great on you! And I love the fabric. What a shame!
    But I see what you mean about the hips, that could do with more ease. Do you think you'll make it again, perhaps in a fabric with a bit of stretch to it? This was your (not so) wearable toile, I think the next version is going to be fabulous.
    I really like this.

    PS: I throw wadders out now, thanks to your inspiration! One had gone to a charity shop, others in the clothes bin. I must admit I kept hold of them before, no idea why...

  2. I think it looks good on you and it is such a shame that you do not feel comfortable with the fit. You have been posting some great garments recently.

  3. You look great in the dress but I certainly understand the importance of feeling comfortable.


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